Getting Things Done: Pinpoint the Root of Your Disorganization

“Sometimes, no matter how many productivity systems or getting to done tips we implement into our lives, we are still disorganized. Organizational expert Vicki Norris believes that there are five underlying causes that might explain why:

  • Situational Disorganization: A precipitating life event that causes disruption and disorganization in your life.      
  • Habitual Disorganization: Bad habits that have developed over time.·         
  • Historical Disorganization: When your upbringing (either orderly or disorderly) impacts your state of order.
  • Social Disorganization: When you are influenced by your social world to create and exist with disorder as a way of life.
  • Chronic Disorganization: When we live in a chronic, debilitating state of disorder even though we have tried and failed to help ourselves.
  • The point? You’ve got to find the root cause of your disorder before you can begin to really implement an organizational system that will work for you.”[via LifeHacker]

    Head on over to LifeHacker for more info.

    – Tyler


Make Your Own Flickr Slideshow!

Always wondered how to have your Flickr photos put in a neat slideshow on your website/blog/myspace? Well now you can do just that, without any knowledge of programming whatsoever. Using FlickrShow, you can post those pictures of you at that party with that person you want everyone to see (because you’re popular like that….right?). All you need to input is the background color you want the slideshow to have, and your Flickr photoset ID. Once you got those, you’re all set and ready to go! Check it out: – Tyler

Vista Speech Recognition Works Well?

A little while ago, MSNBC posted a review of Windows Vista Speech Recognition program saying it was a disaster (see: ). It noted it was a “wreck” and didn’t work out as well as Microsoft said it would. Contrary to this, Long Zheng of istartedsomething states that it actually works “quite well.”          

I got my hands on the July CTP build (5427) of Windows Vista and gave it a try, and I recorded what I found. I used the internal microphone array in my laptop, so the sound quality is not optimal but
Vista handled it well.”

Find out for yourself after the jump (video).  – Tyler

Corvette Z06 in 2007 = Power, for a Price

According to us over at infoBucket, the Corvette Z06 is just one massive gadget in itself. So, when we came across some early pictures for the 505 hp model we just couldn’t resist giving you a preview. This newly introduced Z06 packs qutie a punch: 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds. The price has risen from previous models to around $70,000 US. Although it’s quite a bruise on your wallet, this is still a good price for this kind of performance compared to other sports cars (*cough* Lamborghini *cough*…). These bad boys are available to hit the road in October. Lots of pictures after the jump.

– Tyler

How To: Find a Good Domain Name

These days, your small business’ success almost always relies upon its website. It’s never been easier to get on a computer and attract potential clients through the web. It’s also never been harder to land that catchy domain name you really, really wanted to have for your start-up. CNN has some grand tips and tricks to help you find the right domain name for your business.  

  • Keep the name easy to remember
  • The best names are usually the “key-words” of the company
  • Browse sites like
  • Look through the internet and in a thesaurus for name ideas
  • If all else fails, make an offer to the current owner of the domain

Head on over to CNN to find out more advice:  – Tyler

Format Wars: Who’s Winning?

The battle rages on between Sony’s Blu-Ray Disc and Microsoft’s HD-DVD. However it seems that Blu-Ray has gained the lead in this race for support, as more members are jumping on the BD band wagon. The Blu-Ray Discs can hold up to 50GB of storage thus far, while the HD-DVD can only support up to 25GB respectively. Here’s a quick run-down on the storage capacity:

Blu-Ray HD DVD
ROM single layer:
ROM dual layer:
RW single layer:
RW dual layer:
Highest test:
Theoretical limit:
23.3 / 25GB
46.6 / 50GB
23.3 / 25 / 27GB
46.6 / 50 / 54GB
Single layer:
Dual layer:

Highest test:
Theoretical limit:


Here’s a great assessment of the two:  

Complete comparison chart showing support for either side shown here: 

For now it’s just personal choice until both are released on a large scale.

– Tyler

How to Save Sony? Enter The Mylo.

How many of you have bought/used a Sony product in the last 5-7 years? Those who are unfortunately saying “yes,” will know how bad the product has been. Sony’s product quality and reputation has degrading significantly over the past few years; but this is about to change. Sony introduces the Mylo to its line up of latest tech gadgets. This neat player is packed full of good stuff. Here’s a fast run-down of the specs:
Tech Specs:

  • MPEG-4 playback
  • 1 GB Flash memory
  • Memory Stick Duo slot
  • 320 x 240 pixel, 2.4 inch screen
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Wi-Fi Connection


  • Digital audio
  • Pictures
  • Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger enabled
  • Works as a wireless Skype phone
  • Stream music to other Mylo users wirelessly using iTunes
  • Price: $350 US with a September release date

This is looking like a fresh start to a brand new Sony. More pictures, info, and video after the jump. Info + Video:  Pictures: Sony Mylo Site:


Robot Garage…Now For Your home

Remember that Robotic Garage that went haywire? Well now you can have your very own for your home! That’s right, now available from Harding Steel Lifts, you can own one of these working car lifts for you home. All these great news reports and reviews about robots working a garage sure makes me want to get one. How about you?

– Tyler

Mac OS X Leopard versus Windows Vista

Well the battle of the operating systems begins with Apple’s recent unveiling of its long awaited Leopard OS (see our recent article). Apple made some quips about Microsoft’s Redmond HQ and their seeming tendancy to “copy” Apple’s ideas. This was seen on their banners at WWDC with comments like “Hasta la vista, Vista” and “Redmond has a cat too, a copycat.” Big Steve also made a few comments about Microsoft himself while introducing new things saying “Get out your photocopier, Redmond.” All competition aside, the good people over at Lifehacker have put together a great comparison of Leopard and Vista so far. Click the link for full details.

– Tyler

Robotic Parking Lot Goes Bonkers

Well it seems that going high-tech isn’t always the best option, as seen in this weird story of how a robotic parking garage in New Jersey would not operate for several days. Basically the garage works as follows: you drive your car up, and the machine scoops it up and places it in a spot. This eliminates the need for ramps, and is a more efficient way of parking cars. If the robot happened to shut down (which it did), it renders the cars inside useless as they are unreachable by any reasonable means. According to sources, the garage’s software license “ran out.” Oh why can’t we just do things the old fashioned way anymore? More info after the jump.,71554-0.html?tw=wn_index_1

– Tyler

How To: Buy a Computer at the Right Time

This is a topic which has baffled many for years. infoBucket shows you how to effectively time your buying properly to save you time and money.

  • Only buy when you need to buy, not when you want to buy. Come to the realization that the same hardware you bought now will cost less in 6 months when new parts are available.
  • Processors: These can get quite pricey. If you are looking for a CPU with great power without the huge price tag, look for the one that’s about 3rd or 4th down on the list. Make sure it is a current generation processor.
  • Research. I cannot state this enough times. A computer purchase without background info won’t be as good as one you have looked into thoroughly (sites like, or are a great starting point for deals on computer parts and tips on which ones are right for you)
  • Consider online auction sites such as eBay
  • Look at the company’s parts/service policy
  • Ask yourself a question when you see a good deal: What’s the catch?

These are just a few suggestions as to buying a computer properly. However there is always the option of building your own computer.

  1. You know exactly what is in the system
  2. Can easily upgrade to better hardware
  3. Saves you money

PC Mech has a great guide on how to build your own computer, found here

– Tyler

How To: Find a Lost Object

We here at infoBucket are always losing our stuff, whether it be a handheld device or an important paper. has a fantastic tutorial book on how to find your lost stuff. In short, it demonstrates an 18 inch radial area called the “eureka zone” in which most objects are found. With a ruler, find the zone of the lost object you are looking to find, then search the area. Over and over again. More info provided in the link.

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– Tyler

Mac Pro

Also at the World Wide Developer Conference, a brand spankin’ new desktop computer was introduced: the Mac Pro. Although the casing remains virtually unchanged, this beast is packing hardware fit for hardcore computer users that need to push their system to the max. Here’s a quick run-down of the specs:

  •  Dual-Dual Core 2.66 GHz Xeon 5100 Processor, upgradeable to 2xDual 3 GHz
  • 1 GB FB-DIMM RAM (2×512 MB), expandable to 16 GB
  • 4 SATA Slots for harddrive configuration
  • 4 PCI-Express Slots (One extra-wide, taken by GPU)
  • NVidia GeForce 7300 GT (256 MB VRAM), configurable to ATI Radeon X1900 XT or Quadro FX 4500 (512 MB VRAM)

Consumers might will not be happy at the price tag of the Mac Pro, with the base price starting at $2,499.00 US. However, they will be happy as the desktop starts shipping today. Full info after the jump.

– Tyler

Mac OS X Leopard

Steve Jobs and the Apple team managed yet again to wow developers at the WWDC this year with the introduction of the new operating system for Mac: OS X Leopard. There are a bunch of new features included in the new OS including:

  • Time Machine – helps you recover old files without backing it up yourself
  • Spaces – Virtual Desktop-like software
  • Bootcamp – now comes bundled (used to boot Windows XP)

Not only are there new features, but also included in Leopard is upgrades to current apps:

  • Mail – new Notes box (kinda like post its) and ToDos (self explanitory)
  • iChat – app screen sharing over video (show off slideshows, etc in QuickTime)
  • Dashboard – not really a huge update for the average joe, but great news for widget developers (a widget creator specially made for widget makers)

Find out more indepth info after the jump.

– Tyler

How To: Clean Up Windows XP in 15 Minutes

WinXP LOGO has a great tutorial on how to clean up your XP system so it can run to its full potential. Here’s a quick preview of the checklist:

                     – Step 1: Stripping off the Rust
                     – Step 2: Remove Extra Programs
                     – Step 3: Clean-up Registry and Temp Files

You get the idea. Check out the link for the full low-down.

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– Charlie